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Molo Uku Book 2


Comic book / Graphic Novel: Molo Uku - Legacy of a Golden Era Book 2

Discover the thrilling journey of Manu and Rue as they flee from the tyranny of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) in colonial Maluku, the Spice Islands. With the ruthless VOC official de Vries determined to conquer and control their lands, Manu and Rue are left with nowhere to turn. This continuing story delves deeper into the plans of the VOC and the legacy of their rule. Will Manu and Rue be able to find a safe refuge, or will they fall prey to the VOC's power? Join them on their quest in Book 2 of the Molo Uku series.

Softcover with high quality soporset paper - €29,00 excluding porto).

*** Age 12+ is recommended ***