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Explore the arrival of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) and their pursuit of control over the valuable spice trade.

Get ready to be transported back in time and discover beyond what has been previously known.

This is not just a story, it's a call to action. The legacy we leave behind is in our hands. Will you be a part of the change or continue to turn a blind eye? The choice is yours. Uncover the truth and be a part of creating a better world in this powerful narrative.

  • We are made by this event

    On world level, the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands occupied a prominent position in regard to its political and military power, especially at sea. An accomplishment to be proud of if you ignore its true price, the black pages.

  • Don’t let it trap you, be better

    Discover the hidden and often dark side of history with this compelling tale. While it may be unsettling, it's important that we learn from these events so that they're never repeated. You'll be amazed at how much colonialism still influences the way we run our businesses and economies today. Let this story inspire you to become a visionary leader, creating a better future for generations to come.

  • What is your legacy?

    The wealth of your nation may have come at a great cost, one that is hidden in the shadows of history. But knowledge is power and with this powerful story, you'll understand the impact of past actions and the responsibility we all have to create a better future.

Dark pages

A new light on the VOC, casting a dark shadow on our history. The part of history they never told you about. Someone's legacy is always someone else's heritage. Read all about it in Molo Uku - Legacy of a Golden Era

  • Adriaan van Dis

    You have succeeded in giving the Moluccan people a dignified voice. Our history is painted in a grand and broad way, but also remains an exciting page turner because of all the details. I very much hope that you will reach foreign adult readers and that Dutch students can put it on their reading list.

  • Miguel Solisa

    As a kid, I learned all about the glory days of the Dutch “Golden Era” . I was looking for similarities of the history that was known to me. The perspective of the local people, my people…. 

    In Molo Uku proud women, men and children are fighting for their sacred lands. Finally a book that projects the Golden Era as we really know it. Thank you for giving our next generations a history lesson we can relate to.

  • Esther Nijhove

    Knowing your history is knowing who you are.

    Finally there's a book that tells " our " side of the story... They never told this perspective on history to us at school. Thank you for bringing us back to our roots.

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Mikkel (32) from Denmark

I enjoyed reading the comic book very much. I’m glad I’ve been introduced to this part of history which I probably never would have heard about If Gayle hadn’t told me. I love reading about things that are based on things that have happened, which I feel this is complimenting very well. I would have liked that there were more historical and geographical facts. That would have made it even more clear, that this comic book is based on true events. If I had read it without knowing that I’m not sure I would have known that this is a part of history, and just read it as a good fiction story.

I feel the story is very powerful, and it makes me feel sad that this has happened to people. The comic book is kept simple in language, which makes the story speak for itself. It really fits with the colors kept in black and white, which keeps focus on the story, instead of drawing your attention too much to the pictures and colors. In this way I also feel that you can bring more powerful and brutal pictures without it being too much for the reader, and in that way tell the reader how awful this part of history is.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the trilogy

Weronika (19) from Poland

Great idea of presenting history and even better executed. Really nice pictures which help to understand the story clearer. Definitely this book is for everyone and no matter the age, every person will find an individual message for themselves. 

James (21) from Scotland

This comic introduces the reader to a complex topic, in an easy to understand and impactful way. Using the dark pages to tell the story of the often forgotten people that early European colonizers imposed themselves on.

Gavin (20) Barbados

I actually didn’t know about the Moluccan Islands before I read the book, eventho I use cloves in my cooking mainly with meat.

The drawings were very well done and really assisted in picturing the story. The story line was great, and then there was a plot twist. I felt the betrayal and the mass killing was unnecessary! Overall fantastic book and I am awaiting the next one.

Milan (27) Slovak

It’s a touching story, even for someone who has very little knowledge about the culture. Captivating, hard to put away, I had to finish it in one go. Amazing illustrations, they really bring the story alive. 

Maybe a little too much was given away with the retrospective thing, but I understand the intro’s place there. Educative, great that the occasional facts aren’t too intrusive and too distracting, people love to learn.

Ana (18) Portugal

I have heard about the Moluccan Islands in history class, but never imagined the history behind it.

I think it’s an amazing book, with really good graphics and drawings! I really recommend it to everyone. It is so important to be aware of the entire story and not only one side of it!