The Story continues...

Back in 1600, the first VOC ships arrived at the Spice Islands. They were welcomed by the islanders. Then the real reason why the VOC came started to unravel which resulted in black pages in our history. 

Are you really a conquerer if you killed thousands of people? 
Are you really a freedom fighter if you fight to get your land back? 
The black pages continue....

  • We are made by this event

    On world level, the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands occupied a prominent position in regard to its political and military power, especially at sea. An accomplishment to be proud of if you ignore its true price, the black pages.

  • Don’t let it trap you, be better

    These black pages can be somewhat depressing, but we need to learn its lessons, so history will not repeat itself. It would surprise you how much colonialism still affects our ways of building businesses and economy. May this story inspire you to be a great ancestor for future generations.

  • What is your legacy?

    If someone gave you €100.- and told you he killed someone for it, would you accept it? If your country’s wealth was acquired by killing millions of people, would you want to give it back? Or would you like to know why?

    Our true purpose in life is making our world a better place, the rest is secondary…

  • Miguel Solisa

    As a kid, I learned all about the glory days of the Dutch “Golden Era” . I was looking for similarities of the history that was known to me. The perspective of the local people, my people….

    In Molo Uku proud women, men and children are fighting for their sacred lands. Finally a book that projects the Golden Era as we really know it. Thank you for giving our next generations a history lesson we can relate to.

  • Adriaan van Dis

    You have succeeded in giving the Moluccan population a dignified voice. The history is painted in a grand and broad way, but also remains an exciting page turner because of all the details. I very much hope that you will reach foreign adult readers and that Dutch students can put it on their reading list.

  • Esther Nijhove

    Knowing your history is knowing who you are.

    Finally there's a book that tells " our " side of the story... They never told this to us at school. Can't wait for the release of the second book! 

    Thank you for bringing us back to our roots.