#1 Purpose of Molo Uku

The purpose of this story is: “We should not forget our history”.
Nobody's live improves because he/she is claiming to be a victim. Things change the moment you understand you always have a choice and the power to change things. We should not claim any extra rights from our history, but it would be foolish to make the same mistakes over and over. Learning from our history is the only way out.

Disclaimer about the story
Although the story does not provide all the answers, it may inspire you to ask the right questions: “what really happened and why?” Reality is a lot more bloodier and violent than fiction. But if we do not learn from our history we are condemned to repeat it.

What is next - our legacy
An animation movie to bring the story of Molo Uku even more alive and reach more and more people with its main message: Making our world a better place is the only true purpose in life, the rest is secondary... This is our legacy.

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