Remake Deel 1 (NL)

MOLO UKU Book 1 (NL) remake


This is the first part of the Molo Uku saga, in Dutch:

* 152 pages of good story.
*Next level artwork.
* With more than 95% new drawings.

A more extensive, in-depth, better story, with even better drawings than the previously published part 1 (softcover).

Step into the Molo Uku Universe...
*Shipping May 15

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Long before the Golden Age cast its shadow over the world, the Moluccans were already aware of the true value of their islands. These communities, which flourished because of their deep connection with the land and the sea, were suddenly confronted with the overwhelming power of the VOC. This saga reveals the deep-rooted stories of resistance and resilience, of oppression and the unbreakable will to survive against the backdrop of a colonial storm.


Dutch East-India Company


is known as the world's first multinational, a trading company that dominated the seas and had an unparalleled influence on the global economy. With romantic images such as: “Her fleets sailed the oceans, loaded with precious goods, such as spices, silk, and porcelain, which revolutionized European markets.”



those who have been dominated, they know better. Fortunately, today's history books show some nuances, but the bigger picture is not described. This book does that. To do this, we take you back 400 years in time, to Maluku, which was then known as the Spice Islands.


This is not just any book;


to the past and a mirror to the future. Through the eyes of the Moluccans you see the impact of the Golden Age in a new light. This story challenges you to think, feel, and ultimately see the world differently. We have the power to learn from the past and shape our future. Take a step today, start reading and become part of the change.

  • Adriaan van Dis

    You have succeeded in giving the Moluccan people a worthy voice. The history is painted grandly and broadly, but remains an exciting page turner because of the details. I very much hope that your story will reach many readers and that Dutch students will put it on their reading list.

  • Miguel Solisa

    As a child I learned all about the glory days of the Dutch "Golden Age". I looked for similarities with history as I knew it. The perspective of the local people, my people...

    In Molo Uku, proud women, men and children fight for their sacred lands. Finally a book that projects the Golden Age as we really know it. Thank you for giving our next generations a history lesson that we can relate to.

  • Esther Nijhove

    Knowing your history is knowing who you are. Finally there is a book that tells "our" side of the story... They never told us this perspective on history at school. Thank you for the story that brings us back to our roots.